A Unique Build for a Good Cause

Apr 12, 2023

Our team at Monroe HQ recently completed this eye-catching bright pink build for the Village of Romeoville. The bright color isn’t just a bold style choice, it’s actually to raise awareness for breast cancer, a disease that impacts nearly 270,000 in the United States each year. 

“Many employees and residents have been affected by cancer, and the idea of the plow is to show support and solidarity with everyone who is touched by the disease,” said the Village of Romeoville Mayor John Noak. “The truck will be used as part of plowing operations during the winter and in parades, touch-a-truck events, and as a dump truck in other seasons. In short, this will be a full duty part of the fleet.”

The Monroe team built a patrol truck equipped with an RDS spreader body with a pre-wet system and tailgate spreader. It also had a 10-foot snow plow package and a 10-foot fixed angled scraper. 

“I enjoyed the challenge of this project; integrating the customer’s specs of pre-wet tanks on the RDS body,” said Jesse Tanner, one of Monroe’s Truck Equipment Installers. 

The Village of Romeoville is in northern Illinois and they see their fair share of snow and ice storms each year. This new RDS spreader will not only help clear roads to keep their community safe, it can also be used during the warm weather for landscaping or road maintenance projects.

Chad Phillips, a Monroe Electrical Installer, was asked about his favorite part of working on the truck. He said, “Being a part of something with more special meaning instead of just a utility plow truck.”

Fantastic work team! Congrats to everyone involved for another successful project completed.