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Partner with Monroe Truck Equipment and be confident you have the dependable truck equipment that will help you keep your community safe and clean. With decades of experience in snow and ice management, our team of experts design the specifications you need to best serve your community, and build truck equipment that will last for years to come.

Truck Industry Experts to Guide You

Strict budgets, environmental and safety regulations, and equipment functionality are all established before you can ever put your trucks to work.

Monroe has extensive experience working with municipalities like yours to help find the right equipment to meet all of your job requirements.

From plows to customized truck bodies, our team has the expertise to understand your challenges and can provide you with the solutions to face them head-on.

Whether you’re facing inclement weather during unpredictable seasons or the challenge of navigating narrow city streets, we can work together to create the exact truck for the job.

Custom Designed Truck Equipment For Any Municipal Job

Municipalities face strict budget control and environmental regulations that can interfere with getting the job done.

When it’s time to build a fleet or customize your equipment, Monroe Truck Equipment’s team of experts gets you exactly what you need, through proven, capable equipment and customizable components.



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Municipal Truck Insights

  • Helping Dane County Maintain Their Equipment

    The Dane County Parks Department came to us because they’d been experiencing a problem with their equipment. They needed to find a better solution to maintain their equipment– from sharpening the blades of a mower to cleaning equipment in the field. They wanted to proactively maintain the health of each unit. 

  • Which Municipal Snow Plow Is Right For Your Community?

    Monroe Truck Equipment works with municipalities across the country to create versatile solutions to their snow and ice challenges. Our variety of snow plows help municipalities maximize capability, increase efficiency and ensure the highest ROI possible. 

  • Why Municipalities Continue to Shift Toward Anti-icing

    Every winter, municipalities across the country are faced with securing the equipment and materials needed to clear snow, de-ice and keep their residents and communities safe from the hazards of unsafe roadways.As regional needs and trends change over the years, new products are created to meet demand. Liquid anti-icers (applied before a snow storm) are becoming increasingly popular as a choice across the country because they can reduce labor time, offer a more environmentally friendly option and create safer and more manageable driving conditions.The Snow & Ice Management experts at Monroe Truck Equipment put together this overview of liquid anti-icers to help keep municipalities across the country safe through inclement weather and tough road conditions.

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