Monroe Truck Equipment’s All-Season Bodies Help Municipalities Beautify Their Communities

May 31, 2023

Across the country, municipal team members work year round to keep their communities beautiful, safe and functional. Depending on the size of the city, dozens to thousands of people are involved in communal upkeep. While working to keep the town operational, municipal leaders also have to balance labor, budget, supply chain and other challenges that make their jobs more strenuous and their options more limited. 

When we partner with municipalities, we work to create solutions that ease these challenges, while using equipment that keeps their team safe and efficient. Our all-season bodies are a popular choice for municipalities because they can handle so many municipal tasks every day of the year. Check out a few examples below:

Snow and Ice Control

Clearing the streets, roadways and highways of snow and ice is the highest safety priority for municipal teams when the temperature starts to drop. Our all-season bodies are designed to tackle road clearing in the harshest conditions that can be completed with live bottoms, spinners, spreaders, or sprayers, powerful plows, wings and scrapers. Some of our smaller all-season bodies are compact enough to handle snow and ice maintenance in alleyways, narrow streets, bus stops, small parking lots, cemeteries and other tight pathways.

Forestry Services 

Generally, a city’s forestry service department is responsible for all the green space in the city. From parks and squares to the road verges, nature strips and small gardens around the community. Our all-season bodies can be used to dump and spread dirt, mulch, stones, fertilizer and other landscaping materials with multiple discharge options. Our bodies can be used to haul landscaping materials or equipment, as well as collect refuse like bush clippings, branches or trees from the felling, bucking or limbing processes, making quick work of beautifying a green space. 

Trash and Recycling Services

While most townships and municipalities have their own fleet of dedicated trash and recycling collectors for residential and commercial buildings, our all-season bodies can be used to collect a variety of non-traditional refuse. Services like bulky item pickup, yard waste and street waste disposal can be completed using one of our versatile all-season solutions. Some municipalities are even rolling out residential and commercial composting programs that can be implemented using one of our all-season bodies. 

Road Maintenance

Warm weather means more road maintenance and our all-season bodies can help DPW teams maintain the streets, berms, curbs and roundabouts. The all-season dump bodies can haul, dump and spread gravel, stone or asphalt to fill potholes, repair curbs, add protections in intersections and maintain pedestrian islands. These trucks can work in tandem with ready-mix trucks to make quick work of paving and road repair. According to Concrete Construction, dump trucks help for quick delivery, improved slump control, and excellent concrete yield. Here’s some more information on transporting ready-mixed concrete in open dump trucks from the American Concrete Institute

Equipment Maintenance 

Not only can we build out a comprehensive fleet, we can create solutions that help maintain that fleet’s equipment! We’ve worked with municipal customers who needed on site solutions for maintaining their equipment– from sharpening the blades of a mower to cleaning equipment in the field. These builds can include compressors, refueling tanks, suspension systems, multiple outlets and inverters, plus plenty of customized storage for tool organization.  We’ve also created a program that helps to proactively maintain the health of each unit, protecting their investments and keeping their budget inline. 

Investing In Your Success  

The Monroe Truck Equipment municipal team has worked with hundreds of municipal leaders to find versatile truck equipment that can help them manage and protect their communities 365 days a year. To learn more about our all-seasons truck bodies or to find a customized solution for your community, reach out to our team at