Why Partner with Monroe Municipal Truck Equipment?

Guidance and Support Through Every Step of the Process

You need a truck fleet that’s reliable and dependable. One that will help you get the job done with the peace of mind knowing you’re keeping your communities safe.

From uptime and maintenance management to strict budgets and compliance standards, there is a lot to consider when choosing the right equipment for your fleet. With guidance and support through every step of the buying or customizing process, Monroe Truck Equipment helps you find or build the equipment you need to complete each unique challenge you face on the job year after year.

Custom Trucks and Fleets for Every Municipal Challenge

With a deep understanding of the challenges municipalities face from inclement weather to government and environmental regulations, Monroe Truck Equipment’s team of experts guide you through creating an ideal municipal fleet, so you’re prepared to keep your community safe and clean, season after season.

Build Exactly What You Need

By choosing from a variety of custom options and features, our trucks, plows, and sides will help minimize downtime and reduce maintenance while meeting budgets and municipal regulations. All so you can focus on what you do best — serving your community and keeping people safe.

Work with us to choose trucks, plows, sides, and product packages to build your fleet.