Building a Sign Truck for Chippewa County Highway Department

Apr 15, 2023

Even after decades in business, sometimes we are given the opportunity to try something that we haven’t done before. Our Marshfield team was chosen to build a “sign truck” for the Chippewa County Highway Department. The sign truck is, as the name implies, used to install, repair or replace the massive signs that are seen along the highway and on overpasses.

This type of truck was a first for the Marshfield location and a great learning experience for all involved. A lot of the custom equipment and parts were pretty uncommon in the shop, so it was a great opportunity to lean on the expertise of our team to ensure this equipment is installed safely and accurately to ensure the municipal workers in Chippewa county have what they need to complete their job efficiently. 

The team installed a Stamm lift on the truck which has the capability of reaching 21 feet into the air and additionally can move to the right 12 feet and the left 4 feet. This gives workers plenty of space to install, dissemble or replace signs comfortably and well within reach. They also installed an IMT Crane with a hydraulic auger to dig holes in the ground for signposts, even through dense snow in the winter seasons. 

This was such an enjoyable build for our team, and we’re happy to play a role in the success of the Chippewa County Highway Department. It was a fun challenge and we hope to see many more of these builds in Monroe’s future! Well done to all of our team members who were involved in this build!