Helping Dane County Maintain Their Equipment

Apr 27, 2022

The Dane County Parks Department came to us because they’d been experiencing a problem with their equipment. They needed to find a better solution to maintain their equipment– from sharpening the blades of a mower to cleaning equipment in the field. They wanted to proactively maintain the health of each unit. 

The Dane County Parks Department Operations Manager, Ryan “Bert” Schwab came to our new commercial campus to work directly with our team to find their ideal custom solution. Our team members Gary Henning, Bill Rufi, and Jim Seffrood were there every step of the way to make sure the truck was fully suited to Bert and his team’s needs.


Body 2

Together, they came up with a great custom solution. They choose a Reading service body to build off of. They added features like a Rolair compressor and a 95 gallon refueling tank with electric pump to ensure maximum efficiency while on-the-go. The truck also has an Air Lift suspension system and a front brush guard with a winch. In addition, they opted for a combo tool box as well as a variety of CTech drawer packages to easily keep tools organized and accessible.

Additional features include a THOR inverter with multiple outlets throughout the body so they are able to always charge their equipment’s cordless batteries no matter where they are. Several strobes and work lights on the exterior of the body keep it safe and visible. 


Body 1_

According to Monroe Truck Equipment team member Bull Rufi, Bert and the team at the Dane County Parks Department were “ecstatic when reviewing the truck for fit and finish, as well as usability.” The total build time was approximately 3 weeks. Bill praised Gary for his great job working with the customer and delivering an ideal end product.

Well done team Monroe Municipal team! Our work will help the Dane County Parks crew working efficiently for years to come.