Increase Visibility With Monroe’s Air Blade Warning Lights

Mar 24, 2023

Across the country municipal leaders, engineers and equipment manufacturers work together to create and implement solutions that keep drivers and pedestrians safe on the road. With road safety in mind, we have added the Air Blade Warning Lights to our product line.  The Air Blade is a lighting system that increases visibility while clearing roads in dark, foggy, stormy and other low-visibility environments. 

About Our Proprietary Air Blade Warning Lights

Visibility can be hindered by heavy precipitation, wind-blown snow, dust, fog, and smoke. According to data from the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration, each year, over 38,700 vehicle crashes occur in fog. Over 600 people are killed and more than 16,300 people are injured in these crashes annually, and that’s just one of several low-visibility scenarios. 

Our proprietary air blade warning lights were designed to combat dangerous low-visibility situations for the thousands of plow operators around the country who have to clear roads and highways no matter what mother nature is throwing their way. The large external lights are universally mounted at the side of the snow plow and emit a powerful amber or green light for increased visibility against the white, dense snow or fog.

Both green and amber LED lights are bright, and extremely powerful, and are more easily detectable for other drivers or pedestrians due to their high contrasting hues. In many states, these colored lights are only legally permitted for government owned vehicles including plow trucks, emergency vehicles, utility vehicles and other municipal automobiles. 

Improve Public Safety

When visibility is difficult, the Air Blade Warning Lights helps people properly navigate around your vehicle, avoiding snow apparatus. Extra visibility not only lets other people know you are on the road, it also helps them determine how close they are to you, and if they should slow down to put more distance between your vehicles. 

Dependable and Durable 

The flexible polyurethane circuit board is fully encapsulated for resistance against vibration, moisture, and corrosion resistance. There are four LED lights per square inch and the lights themselves are military grade 6500k LED solid or flashing lights. We use a long lasting 3M VHB™ adhesive backing that bonds more and more strongly over time and resists rain, sun, wind, heat or cold damage while sealing out water and dirt. 

Easy Installation

Monroe’s Air Blade Warning Lights are installed using a cured adhesive that strengthens over time. This eliminates bolts, screws, or rivets that can loosen, rattle or cause an area of corrosion.

Standard Features

  • Military grade 6500k LED solid or flashing light for multiple applications
  • 4 LED lights per square inch
  • Flexible polyurethane circuit board is fully encapsulated for vibration, moisture, and corrosion resistance
  • Long lasting 3M VHB™ adhesive backing
  • 2 AMP draw per light
  • 2 wire, 18GA cable connection
  • Standard air blade – 960 lumens
  • Tapered air blade – 2,380 lumens

Staying Safe in Low Visibility Environments

Slow Down

Driving slowly in times of reduced visibility is incredibly important for your safety and the safety of any other drivers or pedestrians. Slower driving gives you ample opportunity to react to hazards, merging vehicles, traffic, and other obstacles. 

Avoid High Beams 

It may seem like a good idea to use your high beams, however low beams are actually more effective in fog, snow and other low-vis situations. Since headlights are primarily for driver visibility, high beams shine directly into the fog or precipitation, which will bounce the bright light back into your field of vision, making it even harder to see what’s in front of you. 

Signal Early and Often

Signaling (turn signals, hazard lights) are used to communicate with other drivers. There is no better time to increase that communication than in low-visibility environments. Signal well before you merge or turn and use hazard lights when other vehicles need to keep an increased distance from your vehicle in case of emergencies. 

Investing In Your Community

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