Monroe Order Management Team

Jan 13, 2021

Monroe Truck Equipment is committed to finding new ways to create more efficient processes for our customers and team. We are proud to announce the Monroe Order Management Team, a group of tenured Monroe municipal-focused team members from four different departments coming together to streamline internal processes.

Team members from account management, engineering, sales, and operations are coming together to form a single team dedicated to improving order management processes at Monroe Truck Equipment. 

Every member of the Order Management Team understands their division’s role within the order management process and brings years of experience and insight from their departments into this collaborative team.

Together, they will apply their decades of experience to ensure effectiveness, efficiency, and on timeliness from initial discussion to order delivery. Their shared purpose is simple: streamline the ordering process, improve communication and the exchange of information between our customers and our team, and reduce the delivery timeline. 

This order management team will not only create a more streamlined process for both our team and customers, but will open the opportunity to focus more on expansion and new product development. 

Monroe Truck Equipment is positioned for major growth in 2020 and beyond. We are proud of the tone this new team collaboration sets for our growth.