Monroe Truck Equipment Creates Custom Fleet for Rock County, Wisconsin

Dec 7, 2020

In Rock County, Wisconsin, the Highway Department was in need of a new fleet of trucks to help with Wisconsin’s infamous range of weather and conditions. In the winter, the region faces extreme snow and ice conditions, and the Highway Department is responsible for ensuring residents 
have safe and clear conditions to drive in. However, in the summer, (or construction season in Wisconsin), the Highway Department needed a fleet to handle major road construction projects throughout the County. The Equipment Upfit on these trucks used for summer time gives them the versatility to haul harsh aggregate material one day and do Asphalt Paving or Chip Sealing the next.
The Highway Department approached the Monroe Truck Equipment team with a need to ensure their team would have the right equipment for the summer months for construction, and one for the winter months for snow and ice management. Ideally, they were hoping to solve this problem with a more efficient solution than purchasing two distinct fleets of vehicles.
In the summer they needed construction bodies and as light as possible to increase payload. In winter, they needed a heavy-duty plow, dual wings, and a spreader body that could tackle inclement weather on the Newly Expanded Interstate. Monroe Truck Equipment suggested a custom-designed seasonal equipment package that solves both needs. We created a custom fleet that could be “undressed” in a single eight-hour shift. Within one day, a truck can be converted from a winter vehicle to a summer vehicle by removing the plow, wings, combo body, and hydraulics.
“When the Rock County Highway Department approached us, we knew we’d be able to solve all the problems they were facing with one complete fleet. The design saved them money and time by simplifying the changeover from winter to summer months and back again and with the Use of a Single Power Unit,” said Shawn Steinmann, Municipal Sales Manager at Monroe Truck Equipment. When tasked with a unique problem, the Monroe Truck Equipment team can design a fleet of trucks that are customized to address every concern. For Rock County, we customized a fleet that would ensure that the Highway Department was able to handle their projects 365 days of the year, without the added expense of separate fleets.