Monroe Truck Equipment Doubles Down on Mission to Move Communities Forward

May 3, 2021

Since 1958, our team at Monroe Truck Equipment has served our customers across the country by providing industry-leading customizable truck bodies, trailers and snow & ice control equipment. Years of hard work from our locations across the Midwest have grown into one of the largest truck and trailer equipment manufacturing and upfitting companies in the country.

Monroe Truck Equipment’s mission is to move communities forward. Backed by our passion and determination, Monroe Truck Equipment’s products have helped cities, towns, townships, and rural areas across the nation improve safety and infrastructure for over 60 years.

Mission Focused Leadership

In 2019, Monroe Truck Equipment experienced new leadership. In such a short time, we have seen lots of great changes, such as clearer communication channels and streamlined ordering processes. The new leadership team is honoring Monroe’s legacy of craftsmanship and customization while introducing changes that keep our mission front and center.

Monroe leadership has taken cues from the whole team to determine what nonprofits to support, and how they want to give back to the community. In 2020 alone, the Monroe team spent nearly $100,000 to support local businesses that were struggling because of the lockdown, wrote letters of encouragement to elderly community members who were stuck inside their facilities, and even donated PPE to first responders.

Blood drives are now being hosted regularly at Monroe HQ, teams across all of our locations have participated in food drives, planned community events, and supported local farmers who were unable to sell their livestock due to so many fairs being canceled because of the coronavirus outbreak.

Monroe is committed to giving back to the community, not just through the quality products that are used to keep our roads safe, but through how we support the organizations and people we care most about.

Committed to Craftsmanship

Monroe Truck Equipment manufactures and installs high-value, American-made products. For over 60 years, the legacy of Monroe Truck Equipment has been carefully crafting unique solutions that their customers will use and enjoy for years to come. However, our team doesn’t just create products for their customers, we think about how the equipment will be used in communities across the country. That’s where the focus on moving communities forward comes in.

Monroe’s truck equipment keeps communities safe and growing. When the truck equipment is used for applications like plowing and salting roads in the middle of a storm or building infrastructure in rural areas, the products need to perform well to keep communities as safe as possible.

“We have to be great at what we do for our customers to be able to get their job done safely and efficiently,” says Shawn Steinmann, Monroe Truck Equipment’s Municipal Sales Manager. “Our team understands how our products are used, that our truck equipment is out there making communities safer, and that’s why we are so focused on craftsmanship. We take pride in every product that goes out the door.”

Customizable Products That Go Above and Beyond

No two communities are the same. The challenges of a densely populated New England town are different from those of a rural southern community. Additionally, no two groups of people use equipment in exactly the same way. Every contractor Monroe works with deserves the tools that will help them work the way they want, safely and quickly. That’s why Monroe Truck Equipment is dedicated to the customization process.

“We have customers all across the country with unique needs and challenges,” says David Taylor, Monroe Truck Equipment’s Account Manager of Fleet & Commercial Division. “Our team has the experience and knowledge to create custom solutions that help our customers get the job done–on their terms.”

The Future of Monroe Truck Equipment

Guided by compassionate leadership, Monroe Truck Equipment anticipates that the new decade will bring a more renewed sense of purpose and mission. The Monroe Truck Equipment team is positioned and ready to push forward.