Monroe Truck Equipment Provides Townships With Customized Year Round Solutions

Feb 8, 2021

Townships across the country trust Monroe Truck Equipment to provide the customizable work truck solutions they need to keep their communities safe. Whether maintaining parks, landscaping at cemeteries and other hard to navigate areas, or plowing and salting roadways, townships need equipment that can empower them to work safely and efficiently. 

Through the years, Monroe Truck Equipment’s municipal team has supported communities and townships across the country. For hundreds of townships in the snow belt region, the majority of their needs can be tackled with the customization of two core packages: the Monroe Snow Fighter Package and a Monroe Single Axle Patrol Package.

Snow and Ice Maintenance

There are two main considerations for small and midsized townships: snow and ice management and landscaping/groundskeeping. Year-round maintenance doesn’t require a giant or diverse fleet — just a core few scalable and customized truck equipment options. 

Typical township responsibilities include snow and ice management on town streets and roadways. Often, major streets and roadways are prioritized as first to be plowed and salted. Township Patrolmen are tasked with clearing the most amount of snow off the most important roads as quickly and safely as possible.

The Monroe Single Axle Patrol Package can make easy work of clearing long stretches of road. With several different features available, townships can create a fleet hyper-specific to their needs, eliminating excess add-ons and even the need for additional vehicles. 

Year-Round Versatility 

Small to midsize townships often feature small, winding, or challenging roads and walking areas. Workers are responsible for year-round maintenance, despite how challenging those areas may be.

A versatile truck-like Monroe’s Snow Fighter Package will help manage groundskeeping and landscaping during warmer months. The same truck that will clear and salt those smaller areas is able to landscape cemeteries and other hard-to-navigate areas, take care of waste management in small alleyways, and maintain residential areas. 

Fully Customizable and Scalable Package

One of the greatest benefits of concentrating on these two types of work trucks is that this package scales to any size township. Our team has years of experience supporting townships in their efforts to keep their community safe and maintained. That’s why we’re confident that every township would benefit from at least one heavy-duty truck and one versatile medium-duty work truck.

In application, these two trucks can address the most common needs of every township. 

A township with miles of open highway to maintain may require a larger fleet of heavy-duty single axle patrol vehicles, but only need one versatile medium-duty vehicle to manage year-round maintenance, like groundskeeping in cemeteries. 

Whereas townships with more metro area to maintain, may only require a few large heavy-duty patrol trucks, but need a larger fleet of medium-duty vehicles that are perfect for snow and ice management of parking lots in the winter, and park maintenance in the summer. 

Whatever your needs may be, Monroe Truck Equipment offers fully engineered upfitting options that help you make the most of your work truck fleet. Our team will listen to your needs and recommend the size of fleet you need to address them.

In addition to scale, our municipal experts will help you customize your fleet to the exact specifications you need to support your work. 

A One-Stop Shop for Townships 

The experts at Monroe Truck Equipment will help you find the right, scaled solution for any size of township. No need to shop from multiple vendors, Monroe offers fully engineered solutions, not piecemeal parts. 

Together, Monroe’s Snow Fighter Package and Monroe Single Axle Patrol Package address a number of seasonal challenges in almost all regions. These two truck types cover nearly all municipal tasks, and can be easily scaled up to accommodate the size and population of the municipality.