The Best All-Season Live Bottom Body from Monroe Yet: RDS Gen4

Aug 6, 2021

Municipalities across the country trust Monroe Truck Equipment for performance-driven snow and ice solutions that keep their communities safe and help to meet their schedule and budget restrictions. For communities that need a versatile all-season live floor spreader body, we recommend our Radius Dump Spreader (RDS Gen4). 

In its fourth iteration, the RDS Gen4 is an all-season live floor spreader that is adaptable for salt, sand, or liquid. For summer use, we have a floor cover kit that transforms the RDS body into a standard dump body for the removal of dirt, mulch, and other debris. Alternatively, customers can use the live floor capability for berming and other live floor body applications. 

RDS Gen4 Benefits

Easy Changeover

We worked to ensure season-to-season transitioning takes a minimal amount of time, reducing downtime for the operator.

Practical Investment

By investing in a RDS Gen4, a customer saves money by purchasing one piece of equipment that can be used year-round. In addition to the ease of change over and wealth of other benefits, the RDS Gen4 is a great investment for municipalities that need a versatile all-season body. 

Innovation that Stands the Test of Time

The RDS Gen4 features a radius body that was developed by the experts on the Monroe Truck Equipment team decades ago. The radius sides bring all materials to the center, then to the conveyor. This is the most efficient way to ensure all materials are used and get out to the floor, back to the spinner and ultimately on to the road. 

More Liquid Capacity

The RDS Gen4 13’ truck can be equipped with two 270 gallon tanks, a total of 540 gallons of liquid de-icers. This is up from the Gen 1 that features 150 gallon tanks. The Monroe team is continually finding ways to add more liquid capacity as customers’ operations change over time. 

RDS Gen4 Updates and Options

Key Updates

  • New tailgate latch linkage in rear corner post with cross shaft, allowing all of the linkage to stay in the rear of the body and use only one cylinder. 
  • New slotted long members for simplified service. 
  • New cradle design for the hoist cylinders, providing a safer method of installing the hoist cylinder.
  • Added a 3rd crossover to the rear of the long member for liquid, hydraulics, and electrical.
  • Added access hole in the top of the corner post for running wires through the side rails.
  • New bolt-in chain return guides for ease of service.
  • Added access panels to the bottom of the rear panels to reach the tailgate latch linkage. 
  • Bearing adjuster assembly can now be installed so the adjustment bolt faces forward or rearward, eliminating the issue of reaching behind the tanks to adjust.
  • Cutouts in the rear panel are larger for easier access to gearboxes and motors. 
  • Improved design of the troughs in the auger RDS to enhance material flow and reduce bridging. 

Standard Features

  • 3/16” Mild Steel Body; 36,000 Yield Strength
  • 1/4” Replaceable Floor with 3/16” Removable Chain Shields
  • Formed and Boxed Top rail
  • 1/4” A36 14” Deep Longsills
  • Formed Crossmembers
  • 8-Tooth Sprockets Keyed to 2” Drive and Idler Shafts
  • Rectangular Double Acting Boxed Perimeter Tailgate
  • Receiver Tube Mounted Rear Spinner Assembly
  • 34” Wide Conveyor with (2) 6:1 Spur Gearboxes
  • 108 Light Group with S/T/T Lights
  • Front Telescopic Double Acting Nitrided Hoist Cylinder
  • Heavy Duty Pintle Chain

Additional Options

  • Body Construction options: midsteel, abrasion resistant or corrosion resistant stainless steel 
  • Discharge options: dual auger with bottom screens or belt over chain, cross conveyor, folding berm chute
  • Spinner options: tip-up spinner, side spinner with drop chute, front centered spinner, tailgate spreader with dual discharge or salt slurry generator 
  • Fold up ladder
  • ⅜” Poly sub floor kit
  • Stand alone cabshield
  • Rear cross conveyor 
  • Top screens
  • Fender mounted pre-wet tanks 
  • Side extensions 
  • Airfoil kit 

Industry Leading Warranty

Monroe Truck Equipment offers our customers the most comprehensive warranty in the industry. From our expert designers, and our seasoned engineering team to the craftsmanship of our welding and fabrication team, we build trust into every piece of Monroe Truck Equipment equipment. We are proud to stand by our products as a testament to the skill and expertise that went into their creation. 

Backed By a Powerful Partnership

At Monroe Truck Equipment, we believe in developing true and trusted partnerships with our customers. We serve municipal customers in communities across the country and work to find solutions for their most pressing needs. We believe in not only providing the right products, but the right partnership that leads to long-term success. If you want to learn more about Monroe Truck Equipment products, please reach out to our team today.