Which Municipal Snow Plow Is Right For Your Community?

Jan 18, 2022

Monroe Truck Equipment works with municipalities across the country to create versatile solutions to their snow and ice challenges. Our variety of snow plows help municipalities maximize capability, increase efficiency and ensure the highest ROI possible.

If you’re wondering which snow plow is right for your community, and your specific needs, take a look at our variety of our products below and get in touch with a team member to learn more.

Monroe Truck Equipment’s Municipal Snow Plow Products

Full Trip Reversible

Our Full Trip Reversible snow plow is one of our most versatile general purpose snow plows available. Our customers have used it for clearing airport runways and off road plowing as well as clearing in populated areas. It’s as close to a “one size fits all” solution as we offer.

The full trip feature gives drivers peace of mind. When your cutting edge hits an immovable object like a storm drain, curb, or other debris, the plow hinges near the bottom of the moldboard to guide it up and over the object, avoiding damage. Once the cutting edge passes the object, the dual-compression trip returns the plow to the right plowing position. Our patented level lift allows the plow to be parallel to the road at all times–raised, lowered or angled.

Deep C-Shape Full Trip & Slotted Trip Moldboard

Our Deep-C Shape snow plow is offered in both full trip and slotted trip moldboards. This plow attacks snow at a 35-degree angle and is designed to handle heavy snow, and plenty of it. The deep moldboard curl prevents snow from blowing over the top of the plow, possibly obscuring the driver’s view.

Customers typically choose this plow for high speed use on paved roads. Because of the angle, this plow is not designed to clean hard-packed snow. The slotted trip option is used primarily in rural areas. The slotted trip allows the moldboard to slide into slots, clear the area, then return to the plowing position. This option works best for paved or frozen roads.

The full trip option allows city users to work confidently even if their road is covered with manholes and curbs. The trip allows users to pass over the immovable object without discarding the snow load – only the small section of the cutting edge that hits the object will lift.

J-Style Torsion Trip Edge

Our J-Style Torsion Trip Edge is typically used for metropolitan areas on paved roadways. It’s great for cities because the snow discharges on the side of the road, as opposed to lifting and casting the snow away. This prevents snow from accumulating on recently plowed or shoveled sidewalks and driveways where there is a lot of foot traffic. body

Because it’s a trip edge, it moves (lifts) when it hits an immovable object like a manhole or curb, then resets to the plowing position. The J-Style also offers an adjustable spring tension, where the C-style tension is not adjustable.

Multi-Cast Flex Plow

Our Multi-Cast Flex plow is designed for communities that need a versatile solution. It is a power angling plow that can be used as a straight blade, or it can be adjusted so snow will cast left or right as a tapered blade blow. These adjustments can be made in the cab, while in motion, all on the fly! When you assess that your needs have changed, you can quickly and safely change the moldboard profile. This makes it a great choice for intersections, pedestrian areas and other complicated spaces.

In addition to its straight, left, or right casting patterns, the Multi-Cast Flex plow can also curl the moldboard down if you are plowing fluffy, fresh snow. This prevents the snow from being blown into the air, back at the operator, obscuring vision or even causing radiators to freeze over. It is difficult for snow to stick to the all-polyurethane moldboard.

One Way Full Trip & High Speed Slotted Trip

If you need a highway plow, consider our One Way Full Trip snow plow. The one-way plow can be designed to discharge to the right or left, and can be set up with a reversing table for intersections, on-ramps, etc. The moldboard is long and tapered, allowing snow to lift and curl easily– saving fuel and discharging the snow easily. It also means it will not throw snow great distances.

For higher speed rural areas, the high-speed slotted trip is designed to pick up the snow quickly and discharge it fast, at a minimum 15mph. Higher speeds permit the snow to be cast away much further. The slotted trip assemblies protect the plow and driver. The cutting edge and moldboard slide up in slots when they hit an immovable object. After it is cleared, the springs return to the board to the plowing position.

MP311 & MP312

Our MP311 (144”) and MP312 (156”) plows are preferred choices of customers in rural areas. The attack angle and deeper throat allows these plows to discharge large amounts of snow at a time. The throat shape also prevents snow block back, protecting the driver’s vision.

Expressway Full Trip & Slotted Trip

Another favorite for rural and mountainous areas and interstate highways is our Expressway Full Trip and Slotted Trip snow plows. These plows are designed to discharge the snow farther to the right or left depending on the angle of the plow. It has a high discharge on each end allowing the snow to be cast farther out and higher than a straight blade reversible. The Slotted Trip specifically is a higher speed plow, because of the tapered design, attack angle, and efficiency of the slotted trip.

Moving Communities Forward

Because our products are used for applications like plowing and salting roads in the middle of a storm, or building infrastructure in rural areas, our products need to perform well and keep the populace as safe as possible. That’s why we don’t just create products for customers, we consider how the equipment will be used in communities across the country. When we say we focus on moving communities forward, it’s because we know our truck equipment keeps communities safe and growing.

Backed By A True Partnership

Monroe Truck Equipment’s team of municipal experts work with community leaders across the country to invest in the trucks and equipment that will meet their budget, schedule and ultimately keep their roads and communities safe. Learn more at www.municipal.monroetruck.com