Why Municipalities Invest In Our Medium Duty Plow

Dec 22, 2022

The Monroe Truck Equipment team works with municipal leaders across the country to find truck equipment solutions that help solve their biggest challenges. Between labor shortages, demanding terrains, and changing budgeting–there are a lot of factors to consider and plenty of priorities to juggle. That’s why we work to create products that are both versatile and powerful, so communities can meet their challenges head on without compromising– one such product is the Monroe Medium Duty (MD) Plow.

About Monroe’s MD Plow

MD Plow Body 1

The MD plow is a rugged duty snow plow that bridges the gap between lighter duty and heavy duty trucks. The MD Plow is designed specifically for Class 5 and Class 6 chassis. The gross vehicle weight rating of these trucks ranges between 16,000 to 26,000 pounds which is light enough to allow for decreased fuel economy, saving greatly on municipal fuel budgets over time. The plows are simple to install/take off, so municipal vehicles can easily be used year-round.

Benefits of the MD Plow

Versatile Usage

Monroe’s MD Plow can be used in multiple applications around a community. From large swathes of asphalt in a parking lot, to local roadways, it’s even small enough to maneuver in alleyways, parks, and other tighter spaces.

Addresses Labor Challenges

While municipalities are working on creating easier paths to training and earning a CDL, we are helping attack the other side of the problem by manufacturing truck equipment that can be safely and effectively operated without the use of a CDL. The Monroe Truck Equipment MD Plow can handle rigorous application and can help accomplish a variety of tasks while keeping communities safe, clean, and well maintained.

Multiple Features

One of the most valuable features of the MD Plow is the ability to configure it several ways. Moldboard materials, widths and lighting are configurable to allow the operator to utilize the plow in whatever way is best for their particular situation.

Standard Features MD plow 2

  • High-strength EX-TEN grade 50 material
  • Tubular push frame
  • 2.5″ x 10″ reversing cylinders
  • Low-profile standard pin hitch
  • Flat folding lift arm for off-season safety
  • Grease line kit


Moving Communities Forward

Monroe Truck Equipment’s team of municipal experts work with community leaders across the country to invest in the trucks and equipment that will meet their budget, schedule to move their community forward.. Learn more at www.municipal.monroetruck.com.