De-Icing Trailer

Ideal Pre-Storm Liquid Solution

Be proactive in road safety with our liquid application system. Treat pavement before the storm event, to prevent the bond of ice to the road more cost-effectively, and with less environmental impact than granular material.

Key Benefits

Safer than Granular

Get in front of black ice and keep your community moving. Pre-storm liquid application prevents the bond of ice to the road, keeping the public moving and protected.

Environmentally Friendly

The reduction in granular material is more cost-effective while being better for the environment. Increasing liquid solutions also reduce chlorides in water bodies and groundwater.

Labor Saving

Due to residential adhesion to the pavement, teams can pre-treat during normal work hours and reduce overtime or emergency work hours.

Standard Features

  • 900 – 6,500 gallon tank
  • Hydraulic or engine driven pump
  • Pintle hitch or Fifth wheel hookup
  • Variety of nozzle options for spray patterns
  • Multi-lane capabilities

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