Municipal Truck Equipment

Customize a truck fleet that you and your community can trust.

Municipal Truck Equipment

Customize a truck fleet that you and your community can trust.

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Industry-Leading Snow and Ice Management Equipment for Municipalities


Municipal snowplows designed to withstand the harshest winter conditions in both rural and metropolitan areas.


Salt/sand spreaders, ranging from Under Tailgate Spreaders to our Super Combo V-Box.

Liquid Systems

Pre-wet or anti-ice liquid application systems backed by an investment in continuous liquid system innovation.


Municipal-grade snowplow wings ranging from Single or Double Function Patrol to Heavy Duty Benching wings.

Underbody Scrapers

Underbody scrapers that effectively remove packed snow/ice from the roadway, including Fixed Angle, Reversible, and Oscillating.

All-Season Bodies

Live floor bodies that can be used as a dump body or a material spreader to quickly and cleanly move material.

Why Monroe?

Monroe Truck Equipment is a leader in snow and ice management equipment that’s focused on customer needs. Partner with us for a simple buying/customizing process and high-performance equipment you can rely on.

  • Custom Options and Features You need a truck fleet that’s reliable and dependable. Choose from our wide selection of truck bodies, plows, and accessories to build a fleet that’s right-sized and well-equipped for your operations.
  • Guidance and Support – With guidance and support through every step of the buying or customizing process, Monroe Truck Equipment helps you build the equipment you need to complete each unique challenge you face on the job year after year.
  • Expertise and Understanding – With a deep understanding of the challenges municipalities face from inclement weather to government and environmental regulations, our team of experts guide you through creating an ideal municipal fleet.
  • Compliance Standards – Our high-performance trucks, plows, and accessories will help minimize downtime and reduce maintenance while meeting budgets and complying with municipal regulations/standards.

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